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Rehearsals with Amanda Redman & David Threlfall

Celebrating our
silver anniversary

Our story

In 1998, Amanda Redman had a vision, that individuals could access a drama school education regardless of their backgrounds, means and experience, that the training they receive would give them skills essential to the profession taught by people who had real experience in the industry.

Since that time, she has worked tirelessly, alongside a very busy acting career, to give students at the Artists Theatre School (ATS) a unique experience. See our alumni page for a snapshot of what ATS students have achieved. You can read what some of them say about ATS on our testimonials page.

Performance at Questors Theatre, Ealing

Patrons Dame Sheila Hancock & Dame Harriet Walter

Amanda's personal contacts in the acting world are extensive and impressive. She has shared her passion for ATS with many of those contacts. As a consequence, numerous well-known members from within the varied aspects of the industry have provided masterclasses, support and encouragement. The briefest glance at the list of patrons and board members of ATS proves this point. These people are not just there for cosmetic reasons, they take an active interest in the work of ATS. 

Amanda promised herself that ATS would be accessible. Fees are kept artificially low, classes take place on Saturdays so that working students can combine the demands of their daily lives with their ambition. All she asks is that those who come share her vision and her commitment. 

How we work


Previous acting experience, whilst potentially beneficial, is by no means essential.

ATS acting courses are for those aged 18 and above. There is no upper age limit. Details of the courses can be found here.

ATS courses are suitable for, but not restricted to: 

  • those wishing to pursue a career in the industry

  • people who wish to audition for full time drama schools

  • actors who have taken a break from their craft and wish to rekindle their passion

  • those who have always fancied "giving it a go"

  • people in business who wish to improve their communication skills

What matters is that you are able to take advantage of the experience of learning, not from full time teachers, but from successful members of the acting profession who have a real desire to see ATS students flourish.

Nell Gwynn rehearsal

Nell Gwynn performance at Questors Theatre, Ealing

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