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Practical points to note:

There is a basic code of conduct for those who are accepted into ATS. 

  1. Class times (HYPERLINK)

  2. Fees (HYPERLINK)

  3. Commitment is demonstrated by regular attendance and full participation. You are expected to be in the studio at least 10 minutes before the start of any class, properly dressed and ready to work. Any absence should be notified in advance and should only be for extremely good reason.

  4. Classes take place on Saturdays during the first term. During the second and third terms, for those involved in productions, rehearsals may also be called on Sundays. Remember that the consequence of maintaining smaller classes for your benefit, is that absences can affect the dynamic of the class.  

  5. The fees are kept artificially low, but those fees must be paid promptly before the first day of term. You should not assume that special arrangements will be made, although in exceptional circumstances, they will be considered.

  6. You are, at all times, when involved in ATS activities, an ambassador for the school. Busy professionals give up their valuable time to assist you. You must behave at all times with the same professionalism that they would expect from colleagues.

  7. ATS students in classes are expected to wear black clothing in which they can move freely, which includes appropriate footwear.

  8. Despite these rules, it is our ambition that you thrive and learn whilst having a fulfilling and enjoyable time. We will do all we can to deliver that aspiration. We have selected you because we believe that you share in that.

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