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Thanks for submitting! We'll contact you as soon as we have audition dates available.

In common with most drama schools, we use an audition process to select our students. If you wish to be considered for an audition, you will need to place yourself on the auditions mailing list which you'll find on this page.


In May, you will receive an application form. Please take every care to answer all of the questions and give it your full effort. This form will be used to decide whether you will be invited for an audition. We expect to notify successful candidates by mid-June.


The next stage is auditions. It is on the basis of these auditions, that places for the next year's course will be offered. No other material will be considered.


The audition comprises four parts. You will need to prepare and deliver:

  1. A speech from a “classic” play (that means something written before 1900). It can be Shakespeare, but it does not have to be.

  2. A speech from a play written after 1900.

  3. A short unaccompanied song (this is simply to determine the tone of your voice, not to assess your singing ability).

  4. A brief discussion about your motivation and drive.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to memorise each of these performances. You will not be allowed to read from a script or notes. However, you will need to hand in, at the start of your audition, a hard copy of each of the pieces (but not the words of the song).


We are looking to see what is good about you, but places are very limited and we have to assess you. Be prepared to shine!

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