From September – December, our adult class undertake workshops lead by various leading industry practitioners.

This year, guest teachers included TV writer, Dan Sefton, Poldark actor, Luke Norris, choreographer Ash Mukherjee, stage combat teacher, Cristian Valle and we even shot a short film with the fabulous Deborah Tiso and some of the Good Karma Hospital crew.  We also took part in workshops with our usual ATS teachers covering Shakespeare, voice work, text work, singing and body awareness. Check out all our workshop photos by clicking here 



The class is then cast in a show directed by Amanda Redman MBE performed in July at the Questors Theatre, Ealing which is rehearsed from January – July.


Our adult class have just begun rehearsing for this years summer show. We are performing four short plays: 'Gizmo' by Alan Ayckbourn and three short plays from the collection 'Women, Power and Politics: Now and Then'. These are 'The Milliner and the Weaver' by Marie Jones, 'The Panel' by Zinnie Harris, and 'You, Me and Wii' by Sue Townsend. These will be performing on the 18th, 19th and 20th July 2019 at the Questors Theatre, Ealing. Check back here for ticket info nearer the time.

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The Company:


Gizmo (in order of appearance): 

Professor Raya Barth - Kym R Brosnan

Dr Bernice Mallow - Velvet Brown

David Best - Lawrence Ellis

Ben Mason - Maximus Polling

Ted Wilkins - Graeme Sanders

Nerys Potter - Suzy Davenport

Hezza - Siana Cooper

Dart - Emily Robertson

Tiz - Velvet Brown

Rust - Joshua Battaliou

Dazer - Simon O'Neill

Fritzo - Dominic Rogan

Manny Rice - Cameron Corcoran

Keith - Lawrence Ellis

Cevril Turner - Emma Duke

Lando - Ashley Ross

Sir Trevor Perkins - Dominic Rogan

The Milliner and the Weaver 

Henrietta Girvan - Emma Duke

Elspeth Smith - Emily Robertson

Thomas Girvan - Simon O'Neill

The Panel

Chris - Lawrence Ellis

Maurice - Cameron Corcoran

Bill - Dominic Rogan

Jason - Simon O'Neill

David - Graeme Sanders

You, Me and Wii 

Courtney - Emily Robertson

Kerry - Suzy Davenport

Sheila - Velvet Brown

Vincent - Ashley Ross

Selina - Siana Cooper

Mark - Joshua Battaliou

Directed by - Amanda Redman and Julianne White 

Assistant Director - Emily Roberts

Fight Choreographer - Cristian Valle

Musical Directors - Patricia Calnan, Emma Duke and Dominic Rogan












Left - filming short film with Deborah Tiso and 'Good Karma Hospital' crew

Right - choreography session with Ash Mukherjee.


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