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Our committed team of creatives are always on hand with their support.

Nigel Lewis - Lighting Designer


Nigel Lewis has been lighting the stage for 35 years, a Professional Designer with the Association of Lighting Designers, best known for his work in opera and dance.

Nigel is a lecturer in theatre lighting design at University of West London and Kingston College.

He has lit ATS productions for the past ten years.

Nigel's website -

Chris Smith - Sound Designer

Chris started operating sound at Questors Theatre 8 years ago. After less than 6 months, he began designing his first show. Discovering a passion for sound, Chris trained as a sound recordist for television on a Sky 1 production and has since done work for several Sky, ITV and BBC productions, whilst continuing his work in theatre. Chris has been involved in five ATS productions and these productions are the work he remains proudest of.  

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