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David Threlfall

"To be honest - I was unsure what I would find when Amanda first asked me to take a session at ATS. The actors always arrive prepared, whatever I ask of them and are responsive to robust criticism and suggestions. Importantly, there is an easy atmosphere of collective endeavour and openness in dissecting and investigating the work, in which we all learn. Nothing flimsy or showbiz about the place. I have gladly returned to take other sessions. It has a very solid, if small core, which should it develop and expand numbers and spaces, would allow more actors to improve their craft. A brave and admirable commitment in these times. I am more than happy to offer continued support."

Beatie Edney

"Amanda Redman has created an amazing school, where the students are committed, inventive, brave and hardworking. They are doing what they love and it shows. Their classes are full of joy - I always have the best time with the students here. Amanda is being of practical help giving back to the profession in which she excels."

Sheila Hancock

“I have been a patron of the Artists Theatre School for many years and during this time, the high standard of teaching has not faltered.

The unique approach of being taught by working professionals is reflected in the high standard of performance in the shows that they present and the material chosen is always exciting, displaying the unique talent of each individual.

They are a joyous occasion!"


Sylvia Syms

“The Artists Theatre School embraces a variety of talents from young people who need encouragement to present themselves to those who want to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Amanda puts together wonderful shows and works so hard with all her students. I personally have held a couple of master classes (or in my case Mistress Classes) and they were very exciting and rewarding.

Amanda and her staff get such enthusiasm from the students that everything to do with the school is a sheer delight."

Ray Winstone

"When I visited the Workshops at ATS, I thought they were the best grounding any student could wish for and so professionally run. I was so impressed that I came back and taught some workshops myself and sent my daughter Lois the very next term!"

ray winstone.jpeg

Philip Glenister

"Workshops are meant to inspire students but if anything the students at ATS inspired ME!

They are talented energetic and focused.

RADA eat your heart out!​"

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