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ATS was where I first started really. I was there for most of my teenage years. It never felt like a "stage school" that was there to take my money and churn me out, but a family where your development was cared for. As well as professional discipline, I learnt skills that have laid the foundations of the actor I am today.
I owe a lot to Amanda who encouraged me to be a professional actor really early on. Without her support and unmatched generosity I'm not sure I'd be able to be the actor I am today.

- David Mumeni

ATS is not just a school, it's a family. It provides you with an environment where you are not afraid to try new things and is always the absolute highlight of my week. Where else do you get the opportunity to learn from such accomplished teachers and be directed by the talented Amanda Redman? After being a student here for 5 years, I have completely transformed as an actress: I am continuously learning and being pushed out of my comfort zone, which draws the best performance out of me. The success of ATS lies with Amanda's commitment and passion for passing on her own skills making it a one of a kind training. Everything I know today I owe to Amanda and ATS.  

- Suzy Davenport
Student 2015 - Present

Going to classes at the Artists Theatre School every week equipped me with all the tools I needed to survive in this tough industry. If it's instant fame you're after I suggest applying for 'Big Brother'...if you want to learn how to act from one of the best, ATS is the place to be. Without ATS I would not be working as an actor today. I will always owe everything to Amanda Redman and this amazing school.

- Dean Kilbey 

Student 2008 - 2014

I joined ATS in 2016. I hadn't been to drama school, but trained as a teenager at a local dance and theatre school. ATS looked like just the right challenge after being out of training for a long time and thankfully after a successful audition I was set to receive the best acting training I could have asked for. The guest teachers were brilliant and the rehearsal process and skilled direction from Amanda was invaluable. I travelled in each week from Dorset and have two children and a full time job. Yes it was tiring, but trust me it was worth it. I couldn't recommend this course anymore, it's not just a group of actors, it becomes your family!

- Becky Hollands
Student 2016 - 2017

ATS is a unique opportunity to learn new skills and refine existing ones under the mentorship and direction of Amanda Redman and through masterclasses run by a host of industry experts. The training and rehearsals are delivered in a highly focussed and professional setting, raising my levels of performance and giving me the opportunity to take on challenging roles with the confidence in delivering authentic performances.

- Graeme Sanders
Student 2013 - Present

ATS was a very positive and formative experience for me. I learned so much in a short space of time and had the pleasure of working with some truly incredible people. The standard of teaching is uncommonly high, and the productions are amazing. Amanda Redman is a fabulous director. Her passion and dedication is so inspiring and makes the school such a great place to be.

- Layla Shirley
Student 2013 - 2015

I spent a year at ATS and would recommend it to anyone wanting to develop their acting skills. ATS holds a unique and special place in British drama training. Week in and week out its students get access to training and insight from industry professionals at the top of their game. At the heart of it all is Amanda Redman, British acting royalty who, unlike anyone else in her position, gives all of her spare time to teaching the next generation, not a privileged few, but anyone who has the aptitude and commitment.

- Paul Sangam
Student 2015 - 2016

I am so grateful for my years at ATS; during this time I not only grew as an actor but also in confidence as a person.  I would encourage anyone with a dream to act to audition for ATS. You may be starting out, or have years of experience - ATS will enhance your craft. The course offers the opportunity to learn from established actors who bring years of working in theatre, television and film to the classes. You learn and explore how to approach a script, whether it be modern or Shakespeare and the many ways to discover a character. The course is varied and exciting in its approach and is both challenging and rewarding. Specialists in voice and movement are on par with the main drama schools. What makes the school different is that fellow students care about each other and form a strong ensemble. Amanda Redman's dedication to the school means you have the opportunity to be directed by her, and this passion which is shared by all ensures plays are a professional standard.

 - Angela Schlegel
Student 2000 - 2015


Joining ATS nearly three years ago was the best decision I have ever made. It is a truly unique course for any actor who wants to develop under the guidance and knowledge of the best in the industry. To be directed by the incredible Amanda Redman is an opportunity you cannot get elsewhere and to actually become part of a family of actors and not just an 'acting company' is a very rare experience. If you really give everything  you have and throw yourself into learning as much as you can, it's nothing in comparison to what you get back. My advice to anyone considering auditioning: JUST DO IT! 

- Emma Duke
Student 2015 - Present

As a young man looking for an entry point into the arts - I had energy, passion, a sprinkle of talent - but lacked process, technique or even a keen and honest eye to guide me. I found it all here: rigour, professionalism, variety, fun, accountability, challenges & best of all the inevitable friendships. It was (and in many ways) remains one of the most consequential periods of my life.
I could not have found a more superior stepping stone than ATS, and I credit their teaching & wisdom as a defining moment in my career development.
Later, when I entered the industry, I found I had a certain edge - more structure, higher standards, discipline, a network & the confidence that I might actually book work! - and guess what? I did (not always) but I did! Thank you!

- Laurence Spellman

Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 22.06.58.png

Without a shadow of a doubt, some of my greatest, most enjoyable, most valuable years were spent with ATS. I still vividly remember my first day, and the incredibly warm welcome we were all given and quickly realising we were all in great hands. ATS gives you everything - acting, singing, dancing and everything in between. But most importantly it gives you the knowledge, the tools and the solid foundations needed to pursue the industry. They certainly work you very hard, and as a result, ATS turns amateurs into professionals. I owe so much to Amanda and the fantastic teachers at ATS for giving me such an incredible experience and the ability needed to turn me into the actress I am today. I cannot recommend ATS highly enough. 

- Helen Meadmore


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